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Employees and clients are people—first and always. Our people-centric strategies and practices more deeply connect these people to your company for increased employee productivity, client retention, and greater success.

Hillary’s shapes culture by combining art and science into purposeful strategies, practical tactics, and systematic implementation that bolster results in many ways. We collaborate. We create. We coach. To hear what our clients say, click here.


For Your Company

Align brand identity, values, and business objectives with culture shaping initiatives to build credibility, trust, and brand recognition.
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For Your Employees

Engage to inspire greater discretionary effort, promote retention, and attract desired workforce by demonstrating employees are highly valued through building recognition, communication, and reputation.
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For Your Clients

Nurture to strengthen the customer experience, mindshare, market share, and client retention by reshaping transactional business into relational business through building appreciation.
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Is Your Company in Sync with the Culture Revolution?

So long single-company career with a gold watch retirement. Today’s business environment is more complex, with a more diverse, multi-generational, technologically enriched workforce and client pool. People view their work as an extension of who they are and expect the workplace to contribute to personal fulfillment and enhanced opportunities.

Human judgment, creativity, intuition, experience, and empathy are essential for reformulating strategies—not machines or capital. Are employees with these precious interpersonal, technological, and decision-making skills slipping away?

Industrial Revolution
Technology Revolution
Diversified Workforce
Knowledge Worker

What clients say about Hillary’s

From the blog

  • Inboarding Can Help You Grow the Talent You Already Have – Overlook Your Internal Talent Pipeline at Your Own Risk

    Have you ever witnessed the meteoric rise and burnout of an employee who could’ve done great things for a company? Unfortunately, I recently did with someone I’ve known since he was a boy. I played with Robert, mentored him through adolescence, and proudly watched him blossom into a thoughtful, responsible, trustworthy human being. I wholeheartedly

    April 15, 2019
  • Getting Closer To Clients Requires Planning, Creativity — And A Bit of Fun

    There are a variety of ways to convey messages that resonate with clients and prospects, and strategically taking advantage of all of them will help you build more connections between your company and your audience. Read about how this company shifted to a comprehensive strategic communications approach and shifted its ROI into high gear. Like many

    March 25, 2019
  • Employee Engagement a Must for Creating the Client Experience

    My dad has had a rough 12 months, having endured two different falls in seven months creating the need for two hospitalizations, followed by lengthy rehab stints at a transitional care center. I made frequent trips to Florida to monitor his progress firsthand. Admittedly, headlines about elder abuse, neglect, and substandard care at transitional and

    February 27, 2019

A few of our clients

Medallion Lab
Created a multi-channel, multi-touch point trade show planning guide, messaging, and graphics that boosted ROI.
Created a multi-touch point, multi-channel communication plan to encourage participation in an employee engagement survey; results exceeded expectations.
EPS Buildings
Helped EPS create closer relationships with their dealers through more collaborative communication and problem solving; resulted in greater efficiencies and improved bottom lines for EPS and their dealers.
Developed a custom, branded engagement tool that provided clients a single source for their important financial, medical, and healthcare information and documents; created a personal linked between clients and their families to the financial services organization.
Westfields Hospital & Clinic
Helped leadership develop communication, recognition, and accountability practices that moved this Health Partners campus to the top spot for employee engagement and retention.
General Mills
Developed a metric-based recognition award system that resonates with deserving recipients and enables them to share their success without saying a word.
Created a client appreciation system that links each year’s unique thank you to the company’s key message and more closely connects ActiFi and their clients with a “buzz”.