Employee Appreciation

Financial Services, National Insurance Agency


  • Revitalize an annual employee appreciation event and weeklong celebration that failed to convey recognition authentically.
  • Develop an appreciation message for all team employees that supports the company culture, reinforces its values, and aligns with its objectives.


  • Designed a well-planned weeklong celebration of employees and their contributions to the company with a meaningful message and uniform presentations that personalized recognition of individual contributions.
  • Replaced meaningless tokens with items that reflect the company’s values—growth, creativity and fun—and closely tied to the theme of the week.
  • Developed product packaging, presentation, and a process for daily distribution of items to 290 employees in 23 locations, culminating with a higher-value personalized gift at the end of the week.
  • Developed unique messaging for each day of the celebration that supervisors and department heads personalized for each of their direct reports to convey how each employee contributed to their department and specific business unit.


  • Promoted employee success by enabling them to understand how their work impacted results and to feel appreciated for their efforts.
  • Infused employee enthusiasm for recognition week by making the program meaningful.
  • Inspired greater discretionary effort by expressing appreciation and touching employees’ hearts and minds.

This program improved the employee experience by personally recognizing employees’ contribution and demonstrating meaningful appreciation.