National Award for Internal Communications

National Food/Ingredient Analysis Service, Testing Lab


  • Demonstrate gratitude and recognition of employees and their families for support during a demanding period requiring extra effort.
  • Reinforce employees’ connection to the company by extending pride and camaraderie among employees.


  • Developed and implemented a comprehensive communication plan for easing the stress of transitioning to a new building wing and apprehension of losing productivity due to new open work environment and bringing to life a new logo for the company.
  • Developed messaging delivered through multiple channels for employees in addition to messaging that recognized families for their support during the transition period.
  • Within 4 weeks, 73% of families used their gift card and expressed appreciation for the thoughtful gesture.Created a fully branded gift card and packaging mailed to family homes, thanking them with a family night out.
  • Created a “tool kit” branded with the new logo and packaged in a box displaying the new wing for presentation to employees at the opening celebration and helping them thrive in their new work environment.


  • Demonstrates credibility in the company’s value of the holistic employee, with 73% of families using their gift card and expressing appreciation.
  • Reinforces employee engagement with active use of “tool kit” contents:
    • A personalized vacuum insulated tumbler that maintains beverage temperature inspires friendly competition that promotes  amaraderie among scientific employees; supported the company’s well-being program; supports use of prominent water-stations in new building for employee hydration.
    •  Noise cancelling headphones provide privacy and quiet to support productivity in the new, open workspace.
    •  Array of branded desk accessories featuring the new company logo signals a fresh start in the new environment.

Recognizing sacrifices made by your workforce and their families during a time of change with meaningful demonstrations of gratitude improves the employee experience, strengthens connections, and fosters commitment.

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