Peer recognition

Hospitality, National Chain Restaurant


  • Recognize senior leaders for extraordinary team
    contributions at quarterly company wide meetings.
  • Use friendly competition to inspire stronger
    leadership efforts for delivering greater pyramid


  • Developed a “traveling” award that
    incorporated the company brand.
  • Given each quarter to the vertical voted by the
    senior leader’s peers as having gone above and
    beyond, for display in the winner’s office.
  • Smaller replicas given to employees in the
    winning leader’s pyramid to keep.


  • Built morale and fosters greater collaboration among team members to share ideas and do more than any of them could do on their own to reach and exceed goals.
  • Improved communication between senior leaders and their departments.
  • Solidified pyramid camaraderie.
  • Produced higher quality work by headquarters team that drives company’s bottom line results.

Engaged employees are emotionally committed
to the organization they work for

This program improved the employee experience in a way that aligned with the company’s corporate values and goals. Let’s discuss how to improve yours. To start the conversation connect with us today.