Shaping Culture

Manufacturing, Medical Device


  • Reverse 50% employee turnover, resulting from lack of employee commitment and low morale post 5 reorganizations in 4 years.
  • Rebuild culture that retains high-value knowledge employees to help company grow and defend against competition.
  • Fortify organization to focus on priorities and generate consistent work quality.


  • Conducted an audit of employee practices, including communication, authenticity, and recognition.
  • Revised company mission, vision, values and leadership competencies, and brought them to life with artwork in the building. Developed a plan to get the workforce to work in support of the mission and values, reshaping the culture differently.
  • Created a regular communications event between the CEO and a different cross section of 10 employees each month that fostered closer relationships and stronger focus.
  • Created a friendly competition that keeps employees engaged with values and leadership competencies (monthly winner).
  • Developed a multi-tiered recognition strategy that includes peer-to-peer, service, and formal recognition for specific achievements.
Improve workplace culture and increase employee retention


  • Reversed high employee turnover trend, having lost only 3 employees in 2 years.
  • Promoted employee engagement by demonstrating respect for employees’ ideas.
  • Improved employee trust and commitment with consistent expectations, accountability, and priorities.

In reshaping company culture, this program addressed gaps that were undermining confidence in senior leadership and causing high turnover of valuable intellectual capital.