Grow & Blossom Your Mindset

Feel like you’ve been on an emotional tilt-a-whirl over the last 8 weeks or so—swelling with  gratitude for extra time with family, disheartened by deprivation of outside connections, pride about learning a new software platform, fear of the unknown and much more? Today we’re on the “door step” of transitioning from stay at home orders to a world that will be continuing to sort itself out over some unpredictable period of time. How are you going to use your recent experiences to grow and blossom your mindset during this time? Here are six ideas and a road map to help you engage and blossom.

Express appreciation

It is often said what goes around comes around. Human gestures that express appreciation, thanks, and small acts of kindness will have real staying power that affect both you and your recipients. From unsung heroes.

to neighbors, from work colleagues to family and friends, you can’t “over express” more appreciation and kindness than may be necessary. These offerings won’t be wasted.

Spread hope

Hope is intangible, a deep trust in what is not evident presently, an expectation that a positive future is possible. History serves us as a blueprint for a hopeful future: The Spanish flu of 1918 followed by the roaring 20’s, World War II followed by technological innovation, post 2008-9 recession followed by unprecedented economic growth. Sharing messages of hope gives comfort to both you and those you influence. 

Adapt to change

Disruption forces change, something we humans don’t really like. We’re averse to moving into the unknown, outside of our comfort zone. However, we can achieve true growth by taking one step at a time. Help others more easily adapt to change by giving them a new perspective by referring to the process as reshaping or reimagining.

Plant resilience

Like building a muscle, increasing your resilience takes time and intention. Focusing on four components will help you and your connections build your resilience muscle. 

  • Lean in on the relationships in your life by sharing empathy and understanding for each other. 
  • Self-care creates well-being. Here are some ideas to recharge and engage.
  • Look for silver linings. Stop ruminating on the things that have gone wrong, and reach for the unexpected positives such as improved air quality. 
  • Find your purpose. Take some time for introspection, and think about how you can use your recent experience dealing with adversity to help others become more resilient.

Practice patience

  • Humans are tuned into instant gratification, despite the fact that we know delayed gratification has its ultimate rewards. When expected results disappoint, we need to rely on our patience muscle: Breathe deep, journal, practice yoga, exercise, or meditate to calm your mind and body and release patience. Pay attention to what makes you impatient and find work arounds. Patience isn’t easy but it can lead to closer connections to your work, family and community.

Focus forward

  • JFK said, “…And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” The future is too important to be left to chance and none of us can do it alone. As an individual, a family, an organization and a community, we need to understand where we want to go, look at the big picture, and determine what we need to do so we can begin taking steps. Our first steps may be tenuous, but soon we’ll look over your shoulder at our progress.
  • It is said that we grow the most, both individually and as groups (work groups, volunteer groups, neighborhoods) when we face difficult moments. We’re doing that now and can expect to navigate bumps as we move forward. 
  • Consider how practicing these ideas will engage your workforce, strengthen your customer experience, and connect with your community.
  • As you blossom on, continue to be safe and be well.