Now Treating Holiday Gifting Emergencies

It happens every year during November and December. There’s an onslaught of company gifting emergencies that include exhaustion of ideas, shootings from the hip, and other psychological traumas caused by the taxing process of finding the perfect way to recognize key business associates.

Well-intended companies pour over ways to thank the people who matter most to them—employees, customers and partners. They brainstorm ideas that support their business objectives and are aligned to their brands. They search high and low for ways to be clever, humorous, meaningful and relevant.

Despite their diligence, drive and desire, they are unable to arrive at a decision about how to recognize and honor those who contribute to their company’s success. Eventually what they do agree on is that selecting the perfect gift isn’t as easy as it sounds. The realization sparks a 911 call to Hillary’s.

Rescue operations underway

Hillary’s rescue team is prepped and ready to deal with gifting and recognition emergencies. Our creativity is in high gear for conjuring up ideas that “wow” recipients. Although we work extremely well under pressure, expressing gratitude in a meaningful way takes time. If you need help contact us today. Enough said about that.

For all die-hard DIY gifters, if you insist on going solo, at least consider the following: The perfect gift should reflect your company brand/values. When possible, a personalized gift packs a bigger punch.

  • If the recipient’s company policy limits gifts, think about a donation to the recipient’s favorite charity, a subscription to a new trade journal, or an edible gift that can be shared by an entire office.
  • Incorporate logos discretely to avoid making the gift seem more like a promotional product.
  • If you’re sending gifts to other countries, research recipients’ customs, and present a gift that conveys function and conversational value.
  • Don’t skimp on presentation. The simplest token packaged with care can “wow” the recipient. A hand-written enclosure and personal delivery add special touches to any package.
  • Timing can impact the wow factor. Gifting at less crowded times such as Thanksgiving or New Year’s evokes greater surprise.

Recognition, one of humanity’s oldest ways to build strong relationships affects your bottom line results. Let us help you implement down-to-earth strategies that are aligned with your company objectives, brand, message and voice. Call us.
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