Small, Meaningful Gestures Produce Big Impact

About seven years ago the newly minted Executive Director of Firefly Sisterhood, a new 501c3 in the Twin Cities, asked me to help her create a recognition moment to thank those who conceived and built the nucleus that brought Firefly Sisterhood to life. This special moment would coincide with the organization’s public launch into our community.

The idea for Firefly Sisterhood was conceived through the Next Big Idea program in General Mills’ Yoplait division. The big idea was a world where no woman faces breast cancer alone. The mission of Firefly Sisterhood is to foster one-to-one connections between those newly diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors who could guide the way as a Firefly.

Through a short discovery session with the Executive Director, we uncovered the key message and tone appropriate for the moment as well as Firefly Sisterhood’s brand. I then guided her to just the right product that supported the message.

I was honored to have been asked to join the board of directors as part of the team establishing Firefly Sisterhood in the community. Believing that I could contribute to engaging all key stakeholders, I heartily accepted.

During my five-year tenure on this board, our team of paid professionals and directors, worked diligently to raise awareness of the organization and find meaningful touch-point moments and tokens to engage stakeholders — newly diagnosed patients, survivors, donors, sponsors and more. Our efforts were impactful and inspiring.

Do a lot with a little mindset

We focused on meaningful messaging and tokens of appreciation that were mindful of the non-profit start-up’s finances. These are just a few of the touch points incorporated into their marketing/communication plan:

  • An annual Firefly Sisterhood Valentine’s Day card
  • Pins for those that walked in the 3-day breast cancer walk, one for each day carrying its “element” of the Firefly Sisterhood logo.
  • A two-dimensional charm, a replicate of the Firefly Sisterhood icon, was developed to recognize the guides. These inspirational survivors are one of the big keys to Firefly Sisterhood’s success, and expressing thanks with this charm ensures they understand the importance and value of the work they are doing. When gifted to guides it always created an emotional moment. Although the charm is not new (developed almost six years ago), a social media post reminded me of its power to elicit an emotional response/connection.

Some of Firefly Sisterhood’s touch points confirm that how big doesn’t equate to meaningful, but rather how small details and thoughtful messaging can forge meaningful moments.

I have often been asked about the keys to successful touch points. Consider these five tips to make your touch points with key stakeholders meaningful:

  • Think holistically. How does the touch point you’re planning fit into your larger plan?
  • Ensure the message is well thought out. What message are you trying to convey, who is the recipient, and how do you want them to feel?
  • Focus on details. Does your plan reflect visual brand, its messaging, and your organization’s values and culture?
  • Nurture your stakeholders consistently. Does your plan provide a balanced cadence of communication throughout the year?
  • Big picture. Take a step back and consider all six communication channels. Often you can authentically use more than one channel for each touch point. With stakeholders receiving an avalanche of messaging from multiple direction’s a single channel doesn’t ensure your message will be heard, seen, or read

To learn more about Firefly Sisterhood, get involved or donate. They would love to hear from you.

If you’re thinking about developing an impactful stakeholder nurturing plan, let’s start a conversation. Drop me a note or give me a call 952-933-8365.

We’re happy to help with our nurturing practices, creative ideas and implement down-to- earth strategies aligned with your company objectives, brand, message and voice.