This Year Give It Like Your Mean It

This Year Give It Like You Mean It

Is gift-giving angst making you reach for your stress ball?

We want to make this season easier and more enjoyable for recognizing employees, clients and partners. Following up on our last message, “Say it like you mean it,” here are 3 thoughts to incorporate in your selection process:

Relevant  – Meaningful  –  Purposeful

Relevant: The message should be strategically aligned with your company’s values and culture.
Meaningful: The item and/or presentation should be a tangible connection between the recipient and the organization and functional in either physical usefulness or emotional satisfaction.
Purposeful: The gift-giving should be an intentional part of a plan to more fully engage and enrich communication between the recipient and the organization.

Nice thoughts, but examples would be nice.

A company that provides assessments and training chose to share the six key facets of their consultative services through a multi-function tool. Each function of the tool carried a message tied to one of the six key assessment and training elements that their company provides.


            Six “functions” –

six ways the company helps their

           clients fill workforce gaps.

Need another idea…   

A professional services firm chose to honor those who contribute to their success with a sweet ‘n salty gift basket. In a purposeful way they found an  opportunity to express their gratitude in a way that aligned directly with their corporate responsibility priorities related to hunger relief.

Hearthland Hunger Relief Basket

A gift basket that recognized their employees with a portion of the

proceeds going to Second Harvest Heartland,

the area’s regional food bank.

Nice examples, but I need help. That’s what we do.

We are problem solvers and innovators when it comes to shaping recognition that comes from your head and heart. We’ll help you implement down-to-earth strategies that are aligned with your company objectives, brand, message and voice. Call us.

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