Brand Refresh



  • Refresh a brand to stand out within the industry and community
  • Ensure refreshed brand can be used effectively across all marketing and communication mediums


  • Creating balance between design aesthetics and practical application of design elements
  • Creating a point of distinction from others in the industry
Custom branded products for tradeshows and corporate events


  • Collaborative work between Hillary’s, the brand strategy partner, and client (leadership and marketing teams)
  • Asking questions through a different lens – pushing our client and their brand strategist to intimately understand how easy or difficult designs presented would be used in practice including color palette, fonts, icons and graphic patterns
  • Lots of listening, all voices were heard and acknowledged
  • Sharing the leading refresh ideas with primary suppliers of their branded products to determine from the “decorators” perspective ease of use
  • “Think time” embedded to create opportunities to react more than “in the moment”
  • Continual refinement


  • Refreshed brand with well-articulated elements: color palette, fonts, icons and graphic patterns to bring company brand to life
  • Partnership brought efficiencies to the brand refresh process.

This program improved the employee experience in a way that aligned with the company’s corporate values and goals. Let’s discuss how to improve yours. To start the conversation connect with us today.