Our Approach

For more than 30 years, Hillary’s has lived the idea of making the people who matter feel like they matter. This is more than a saying; it is a way of doing business that puts empowering, recognizing, and celebrating people first. Hillary’s knows: people matter, first and forever.

Whether it is building strategies to engage employees, celebrate client relationships or build company culture, our experience in putting people at the center of what an organization does delivers results. Our four-part approach is practical, holistic, and sustainable for leading you to the results you want.

Discovery, create ideas, measure, execute strategy wheel for building meaningful relationship and improve workplace culture
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Hillary understands the power of relevancy and relationships. She works with you to understand your goals and specific business objectives, and then designs creative solutions that make a big impact, further a brand, and bottom line, deliver results. She’s patient, creative, and her team is incredibly responsive.

Sam Richter
KnowMore, SBR Worldwide


We begin with an assessment. The assessment is a blend of observational, qualitative and quantitative questions. Using a 360º assessment we identify the current
situation, opportunities to leverage current activities and gaps in current practices. We will uncover:


Goals based on measurable outcomes.


Roadblocks such as misuse of and/or missing practices that impede engagement.


Alignment of current practices to overall strategy.

Create Ideas

Our next step is work collaboratively, in an iterative process, to develop vision and a strategic plan that:


In tandem with key messages –
internal and external.


People-centric practices plan.

Coaching Modules

Increase communication, recognition,
and accountability.


Takes what we learn and puts it together for a comprehensive growth plan for you.

This phase of our approach produces a roadmap to refine current initiatives and/or implementing new
initiatives to achieve your stated goals.


Bringing the roadmap to life through intangible and tangible tactics is the next phase of our approach. This happens by:


Actionable timelines and metrics for measurement.


Communication and recognition coaching modules.


Developing tangible products to be used as recognition for milestone accomplishments.


to pull it all together.

Now you will have in-hand the pieces needed to launch and run your new program that has combined and refined your current initiatives and implement new ones.


Return on investment or ROI is always a concern for new investments. We will:


Review results compared to agreed upon metrics.

Identify Success

Identify and determine how to build on success.

Identify Areas

Identity improvement areas and determine how to refine.


Put together digestible data for you to see the difference.


Set timelines for next review.

Investing in client and employee relationships through operationally sound initiatives is always a best business practice. We can help you build sustainable efforts based on a continuum of shaping.