Why Hillary’s

Hillary’s Blends Hearts and Minds to Nurture Your Culture

Hillary’s shapes culture—connections between companies and their employees, clients, and marketplace—by combining psychology and business acumen into purposeful concepts, strategies, and tactics that bolster results in a number of ways:

  • Inspire greater employee performance with more discretionary effort by demonstrating that people are highly valued
    with a recognition strategy synced to your business objectives.
  • Strengthen mindshare, market share, and customer retention by reshaping transactional business into richer, more
    relational business.
  • Promote employee retention by identifying and repairing communication disconnects within the organization.
  • Attract quality workforce by creating a public presence that reflects the right type of employee.
  • Drive new business opportunities by strengthening client relationships that yield referrals.

People are diverse and complex, so a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t work.

It’s not as easy as inspirational posters, “casual Fridays” and “summer hours”. But we’ve made getting started a reliable process for shaping an authentic culture that meets a company’s distinct needs and delivers results. The process generates innovative thinking, creative ideas, planning, implementation, and evaluation. We integrate your brand identity, company image, values, and tone into actionable ideas that resonate with your organization. We partner with clients throughout discovery, concepting, implementation, and tracking and reporting outcomes.

“In reshaping company culture, this program addressed gaps that were undermining confidence in senior leadership and causing high turnover of valuable intellectual capital.”

Sometimes the big question is, “where to begin”?

About us

Our roots are in creating meaningful, customized business gifts. When we started asking deeper questions about what they were using gifts for, their blank looks spoke volumes. While they had sales and marketing plans, we realized they didn’t have a people plan for motivating, encouraging, and honoring.

In response, we formalized a process for counseling our clients in assessing current practices and developing comprehensive strategies and implementation plans to make the people who matter most to their business—employees, clients, and partners—feel like they matter.

As a result, askhillarys.com has become more than our URL. It’s a mantra for how we engage with clients: They ask, and we answer. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Meet the team

  • Hillary Feder

    Founder & Visionary

    As the ringleader, Hillary is a lightning rod of cultural change.

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  • Cynthia Johnson

    Presentation Director | Creates WOW!

    Sometimes it’s not what you're presenting, but rather, how it’s presented. This is where Cynthia comes in. She is responsible for literally putting the “WOW Factor” into every presentation.

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  • Stephanie Francis-Jones

    Project Manager

    Stephanie’s expertise in simplifying the complex is invaluable in her role.

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  • Asia Hill-Dant

    Administrative | Finance Manager

    As the administrative and financial manager, Asia has a keen eye for detail and a passion for organization.

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Extended Team Partners

  • Kim Schwartz


    Kim Schwartz is a financial services professional with over 30 years of experience. She serves as CFO for Hillary’s team, where her analytical mind meshes perfectly with Hillary’s creative one.

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  • Sam Richter

    Know More Strategist

    Sam Richter serves as a strategic partner to Hillary’s team deepening bench strength to “knowing more” about the people and companies that matter most to Hillary’s clients. As the principal and founder of Know More University (KMU) Sam understands...

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  • Shelley Bezek

    Senior Graphic Designer and Creative Development

    Shelley Bezek is a passionate graphic designer and creative manager with more than two decades of innovative problem-solving experience. She brings enthusiasm to every project small and large using a strategic, intelligent design process that creates...

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  • Paul Omodt

    Critical Communications Strategist

    Paul Omodt serves as a strategic partner to Hillary’s team, deepening bench strength related to critical communication strategy and planning for client needs.

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What clients say about Hillary’s