Event Planning

National Sporting Event, NCAA Basketball


  • Create a VIP recognition plan that stands out for its creativity, ingenuity and ability to make people feel welcome
  • Showcase the best the Twin Cities has to offer
  • Extend a hearty Minnesota welcome to VIPs, organizers and NCAA decision makers


  • Built a recognition plan based on clear goals with a codified timeline
  • Curated products that gave VIPs a sense of what made Minnesotans tick, what made them proud, and what made Minnesota a special place
  • Curated products that could not be purchased elsewhere
  • Developed all packaging and presentation elements to support Final Four branding
  • Constructed all delivery logistics to multiple venue locations with multiple delivery deadlines
  • Delivered VIP themed gifts that showcased the best of Minnesota over a five-day period
Custom local business gift boxes for employee recognition


  • Meaningful connections made that linked VIPs with the best of everything the Twin Cities has to offer
  • Minnesota’s best showcased to VIPs who left definitely feeling Minnesotan
  • The Twin Cities is on the short list to host another NCAA tournament in the future
Custom care packages for employee recognition
Custom gift boxes for corporate events
Custom corporate event gift boxes for employee appreciation
Custom corporate event gift boxes for employee appreciation
Custom gift boxes for employee appreciation

Engaged employees are emotionally committed
to the organization they work for

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