Marketing Communications Strategy

Financial Services, Regional Bank


  • Create stronger links between marketing/business development and the business community (clients, prospects, business partners).
  • Develop marketing activities that provide consistent, meaningful, and relevant touch points vs. the current shotgun approach.
  • Personalize communication between the target audience and the organization’s advisers and lenders.


  • Developed integrated 12-month marketing calendar with a newsletter and 2 unique events (social and learning) in each quarter; designed subsequent “activities” to keep participants engaged and the conversation/interaction consistent and fresh.
  • Introduced key brand elements that anchor all activities and communications from the organization.


  • Strengthens brand recognition and awareness among customer and prospect audiences.
  • Fortifies communication with target audience, inspiring recipients to thank lenders and advisers for insight, to express disappointment for not being able to attend, and to suggest ideas for future events.
  • Boosts customer and prospect engagement with greater event participation.

A well-planned marketing activity strategy and implementation improves the client/prospect experience and earns greater mindshare and growing market share.