Terry Moore | Nov. 11 | Business Leaders Breakfast Forum


November 11, 2016


7:00 am to 9:00 am


Lurie LLP, 2501 Wayzata Blvd.

Event Description

It’s Better to Be Better. To be a true pro, at anything, you need to master all aspects of the job and never stop improving. One aspect of every job is negotiation. To be a Master Negotiator, you need to master eight skills. The author of the book on this topic, Terry Moore, identifies these eight skills and maps out the path toward mastery.

“The Eight Skills You Need to Negotiate with Power” is a presentation about the BIG FORCE negotiation skills. BIG FORCE is an acronym for the eight skills required to be a master negotiator. You can’t master them all in an hour, but you can understand what the BIG FORCE skills are and what you need to do to make progress. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey.

  • You will begin to understand your own negotiation strengths and weaknesses;
  • Learn how to improve your negotiation skills, including Body Language, the End Game, Financial Analysis, and much more;
  • Learn how to build your own negotiation team;
  • Find out which tactics will exploit your competition’s weakness and market position.

Speaker: Terry Moore

About the speaker

Terry Moore, an attorney at Hellmuth & Johnson PLLC, is the author of BIG FORCE Negotiation and a frequent lecturer on the topic. He has been practicing the art of negotiation as a business lawyer, litigator, arbitrator, and consumer since 1988. Terry serves as outside general counsel for numerous privately held businesses. He graduated from Saint John’s University (BS) and the University of Minnesota (JD).