Ursula Mentjes | May 11 | Business Leaders Breakfast Forum


May 11, 2018


7:30 am to 9:00 am


Lurie LLP, 2501 Wayzata Blvd.

Event Description

Most entrepreneurs and sales professionals struggle to reach their sales goals on a monthly basis, usually getting stuck in the same place. If you are ready to get to the next level
– and let go of what’s been stopping you – then get ready to make a change! Ursula shares the seven sales blocks that keep you stuck in scarcity and what you can do to release them. This interactive and engaging presentation will demonstrate:

  • Why limiting beliefs and fears keep you right where you are
  • The power of intention in everything you do
  • The importance of creating a powerful sales conversation
  • Why you must have a sales formula that works

This seminar is for experienced sales professionals and entrepreneurs as well as those just getting started in business – an excellent topic to jump-start a sales team, group, or individual.

Speaker: Ursula Mentjes

About the speaker

Ursula Mentjes is the founder of Sales Coach Now, as well as a sales expert, inspirational speaker, author, and certified sales coach who specializes in NLP to help her clients double and triple their sales.

Ursula grew up in the heart of Minnesota’s farm country, where she learned the value of hard work and entrepreneurship from an early age. Though she loved her Minnesota home, she headed west after college with plans to attend law school in Boulder, Colorado. While working in retail and saving for law school, a fortunate twist of fate landed her in a sales position with an international computer training and consulting company. It was there that she learned the skill and art of sales.

Ursula has three bestsellers: Selling with Intention, Selling with Synchronicity, and her recently released new bestseller The Belief Zone, which has already received the Beverly Hills Book Club 2018 President’s Award. Selling with Intention – which was endorsed by Brian Tracy as the power book to understand sales from the inside out – also received the International Book Award sponsored by USA Book News, and Selling with Synchronicitywas a finalist. She has received two Lifetime Achievement Awards from two presidents of the United States for her work helping to build a stronger nation. Other awards include National Business Woman of the Year and National Extraordinary Speaker of the Year.