Nurturing Client Relationships

We’re all bombarded with so much information—email, snail mail, social media, print, broadcast—that it’s challenging to break through the flurry with messages that resonate. Clients often ask us to help them engage their customers and prospects and build connections with them through communications. This is how one of our clients shifted from unplanned brand-blasting through disconnected communications to a thoughtful, strategic communications approach that connected their clients more closely to the company. 


Create a “Surround360” approach to client nurturing

  • Strategic
  • Planful
  • Intentional
  • Effective


Eliminate disconnected communications

  • Communication gaps
  • Lack of brand continuity
  • Pace of communication (too frequent/not frequent enough)


  • Develop criteria to tier current clients
  • Place each client in a tier based on current and potential lifetime value to the company
  • Create a calendar of specific touchpoints (content and communication delivery method)
  • Track communication touchpoints and responses in the company’s CRM system
  • Measure success and refine


  • Within six months, greater 2-way client interaction increased naturally
  • Learned and understood client’s needs more deeply
  • Deeper authentic relationships emerged
  • Earned greater market share from a greater percentage of clients
  • Working with a dedicated outsourced partner who knew and understood the company decreased brand product spend by 14%