Power of Words

Say it Like You Mean It

The power of words is unmistakable

”It’s not what you say, but how you say it”. It’s not how many or few words that matter. It’s your choice of words and how they’re delivered that have the power to make a very real difference.

In order to create an emotional connection with recipients, we need to think about the nuances of our words. For instance, which phrase do you think packs the greater punch? “Thank you very much” or “I really appreciate the overtime you put in to get the project done on time.”

The difference is in the detail. Specifics speak loud and clear.

The message you deliver is often more important than any token that may accompany it. For example, one of our clients thanks employees with $2 bills accompanied by a note, “Thanks for your hard work, take a coffee break on us today.” Instead of buying coffee, however, employees proudly display their $2 bills like coveted awards in their workspace.

Another engagement initiative that resonated with employees was a multi-day appreciation celebration. In this case, it was the process that made the difference. Employees arrived each morning to find a hand written note from a different person in the company’s leadership team and a small token. The notes were personal and meaningful, acknowledging individual, department and business unit contributions. The celebration touched the hearts of the team, made them smile and created a daily “buzz”.

The medium is the message. Process and personalization pack a punch.

I recently saw this video from purplefeather  – it says it all. If you have not seen this it is worth watching if you’re looking for the perfect example of how to make an emotional connection through your words.

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