Power of the Human Connection

Establishing a daily moment of connection with your village (could be work colleagues, your volunteer community, worship community, neighbors or extended family) will give you energy. Here are a few ideas to create a day brightener with others.

Breathing Together

  • Get comfortable.
  • Do 30-40 power breaths. (in deep and out to the point of relaxation not active exhaling)
  • Hold your breath. (as long as you can without feeling light-headed)
  • Breathe in for 10 seconds.
  • Repeat steps 1-4.

Breathing together creates connectedness AND changes the oxygen tension in your tissues which reduces stress and upregulates your immune system.

Scientifically based – read the study

Sing-a-long Find the musician in your village and create a virtual sign along. We have certainly seen from the Italians how this can bring people together.

Happy Hour Create a virtual happy hour. Create a vision together of how what human connectedness will look like in 90+ days. All ideas welcome…