Gift Giving Etiquette

Gift Giving that Engages—Now and All Year Long

Gift giving may be one of humanity’s oldest ways to build strong relationships. A tangible expression of gratitude combined with a meaningful message is a way for companies to further engage their employees, clients and vendors—to deepen connections with those who are essential to their success.

From simple tokens to expressions of distinction, Hillary’s makes gifting an art, helping clients create heartfelt, unforgettable packages—for the holidays and all year long. While holiday time is ideal for demonstrating appreciation, don’t overlook opportunities throughout the entire year, such as personal milestones, completion of major projects, commemoration of conferences, meetings, etc.

Here are a few tips to boost your gift giving “wow” factor:

  • Create a meaningful impression

The perfect gift is tailored to your recipient’s interests, yet reflects you and your company and is tailored to the recipient’s interests. Personalizing your gift whenever possible packs a bigger punch.

  • Recipient’s company policy

Some companies have policies that strictly forbid accepting gifts, while others may limit the value of gifts. Consider less traditional options such as a donation to the recipient’s favorite charity, a subscription to a new trade journal, or an edible gift that can be shared by an entire office.

  • Company logo

Incorporate logos discretely to avoid making the gift seem more like a promotional product.

  • Global gifting

Research the customs of the recipient’s country, and present a gift that conveys function and conversational value.

  • Propriety

If you do not know the recipient well, a seemingly thoughtful gift can be taken the wrong way. Even with the best of intentions, this could be construed as an unethical business practice.

  • Presentation

The simplest token packaged with care can “wow” the recipient. A hand    written enclosure and personal delivery add special touches to any    package.

  • Timing

Consider sending your holiday gift at Thanksgiving or with New Year wishes to avoid getting lost in the December crowd.

  • Make the recipient’s important day special

Simple gestures that recognize the birth of a child, convey get-well wishes and honor birthdays have a profound personal impact.

Idea starters that are appropriate for all employees and clients – Anytime you want to express tanks and appreciation

We are problem solvers and innovators when it comes to conveying gratitude in a meaningful way that recognizes those who are important to business success. For relevant gift-giving ideas that will inspire and wow recipients, call us.

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