Onboarding Actions Speak Louder than Words

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Ah, Spring—the season of new beginnings, punctuated by graduation ceremonies designed to inspire scholastic achievers who are eager to share their knowledge with employers. But are their employers ready for them?

How does your organization make employees feel like they matter to your company and other employees? How do you unleash their exuberance and embrace their fresh perspective?

Think of the actions in your onboarding process as setting the tone for the relationship between employee and your company. When meaningful and intentional, onboarding connects employees to your company and other employees to enhance loyalty, satisfaction, and time to productivity. You can certainly appreciate these implications for your organization’s brand and your clients’ experience with your workforce.

The Critical First Step

As the first step in fostering a relationship that inspires new employees to perform to their full potential, onboarding is critical. Sobering findings from Aberdeen Group and SHRM bring to light just how fragile and costly the new employee’s tenure can be:

  • 22% of new hire turnover occurs in the first 45 days.
  • Cost of losing the average new hire during their first year is estimated at 3X their salary.

Using the Power of “Belonging”

New employees can feel overwhelmed and burdened by all the company information and new faces and names they’re trying to learn and a flurry of necessary paperwork. There’s no better way to counteract this possible anxiety and complement efforts by team members to welcome them than tangible expressions of belonging. Branded products that make great work accessories make new employees feel that they truly belong.

A well-planned and executed onboarding program sets the state for the following positive results described by Corporate Leadership Council and the Aberdeen Group:

  • 62% faster time to productivity
  • 20+% increase in discretionary effort

It’s important to note that nurturing the employee experience should not end with onboarding. Like a plant that continues to need water, light, and fertilization for growth and development, employees need clear communication, feedback, and recognition so they will continue to feel like they matter.

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